Academy Program

EPIC Timberwolves FC Academy

We are thrilled with the growth of the EPIC Timberwolves FC Academy (Formerly Timberwolves Girls Academy and Timberwolves Boys Development Program). The academy has increased in size from one group in 2017 to players within four double age groups. The growth we witnessed for individual players within the program as a result of the players focus on key essential technical and tactical habits has been truly impressive and we look forward to even further growth as we share our experiences with players throughout the fall and the winter within this academy structure. 


There are THREE Phases for players in the EPIC Timberwolves FC Academy - Fall / Winter / Spring

Fall & Winter Phases of the EPIC Timberwolves FC Academy (September-December & January-March) remains a minimum of two times per week with occasional exhibition games and small sided games in Prince George. The majority of the training occurs at the Northern Sport Centre.

The EPIC Timberwolves FC Spring Academy is once per week on top of their EPIC Timberwolves FC Teams Program, whereas the EPIC Timberwolves FC Academy September through April occurs several times per week.


For a full schedule and pricing of the current EPIC Timberwolves FC Academy click HERE.


it is our goal to help every young player who comes through our programs to:
  • develop a deeper understanding of the sport, 
  • to expand their technical competencies, 
  • to train in a safe and encouraging environment, 
  • to challenge their own personal possibilities. 

"We have a number of coaches who coach for UNBC and for EPIC Timberwolves FC; however, we do not run these programs so the players come to UNBC. Although several may wish to stay close to home and study at a strong academic institution, we develop these programs because we believe so strongly in our methodology, the technical foundations of posture, a consistent language and the activities we use to expand the young athlete's belief in themselves."
- Neil Sedgwick (UNBC Women's Head Coach and EPIC Technical Director)


Focus on Physical Literacy*, movement preparation & stabilization.
Build references which help players in all situations within the game.
Use of various sports/activities to grow ‘games’ understanding (DECISION MAKING).
Emphasis toward DECISION EXECUTION (technique/skill development within ‘games’ play).

* Physical literacy is more than fundamental movement skills (FMS). Physical Literacy environment also mean creating a safe environment that allows players to explore and enjoy the learning process. Physical literacy includes an environment that fosters a child's competency in movement, motivation and confidence so that they continue sport/activity participation throughout their life.


  • Program design and lead coaching from Neil Sedgwick (UNBC Head Women’s Soccer Coach) and Steve Simonson (UNBC Head Men's Soccer Coach).
  • Mentorship by Senior Coaches (UNBC Assistant Coaches Joanne Wankling and Fran Bartolillo as well as players from the men's and women's soccer programs).
  • Supporting online information for parents / players - Timberwolves APP. 
  • Mixture of training and competitive opportunities.