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From The Mouths Of The Parents

What Parents Have Told Us What They Want From Academy Environments?

Over our 50+ years of experience working with youth and with the families that support them, we have heard from many parents. These parents have been consistent in their messaging. When asked over the past few years what parents want from their child's soccer environments we heard these messages:

“Great! Role models, inspirational speakers, balance, nutrition, FUN, patience, academics, tactics and techniques, time to make mistakes, time to play.”

“Opportunity! Happy kids, a chance to grow, support for my kid.”

“I always say that what I want for my kids is opportunity; what they do with it is up to them.”

“A chance to do different things, to open doors and a chance to grow.” 

“I want a program which is understanding of, and supports my child's extracurricular pursuits outside of soccer. I want an organization that helps us with the constant balance of all of these activities and how they influence my child's academics.“

“Opportunity is open-minded. Opportunity is many paths to success. Opportunity is freedom to experiment and try different things. Opportunity is not being told that you can't do something but rather being told that you can make your own destiny.”

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The Objective Of Player Development

We believe that the player is that the centre of development. This means the player's thinking and the player brain state is also at the centre. Consequently, our coaches are encouraged to provide high activity sessions where players are not standing in lines, running patterns, dribbling around cones, or providing long lectures. No Lines, No Laps, No Lectures. These are key. A player wants none of these 'L-words'. Coaches have in the past put their goals and their past experiences at the centre. 

Our experienced coaches are committed to teaching the game's most important components to youth players => Decision Making and Decision Execution. At the youth level there is no isolated fitness training or tracking. There is play. If a football fitness effect comes from the training of Decision Making and Decision Execution then it can then be added to in the next session. 

We start with the player and then we add the game's components = enjoyment and learning.

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2019 Provincial B Cup Performances


We don't often post about results; however, let's give credit where credit is due. We are so pleased to say that the majority of these young players are part of our Timberwolves Academy. They have been with us for up to three years and we have seen them grow. We have seen them lose many games. Yet, they were persistent in their pursuit to grow and at the end of the day it is not the results that count only, it is the comments from other coaches, officials and spectators about the way that they played in the Provincial Championships that we are so thrilled about. These players, both U14 and U16 teams, have embraced messaging that lead them toward being strong players down the road. The long view is the only view of development... well done all.

U16 Girls Team Roster

Emma Axworthy #8
Sohanna Bains #19
Sydney Barlow #15
Emma Blair #14
Margaret Caffrey #6
Sarah Dereshkevich #2
Brityn Hinsche #33
Payton Holyk #16
Reese Jacobsen #7
Quin Kohlman #11
Brooke Levens #13
Olivia Martins #10
Olivia Momer #4
Ruby Nicholas #9
Claire Ramsay #3
Olivia Wankling #5
Jordyn Williams #17
Head Coach Jim Nicholas
Assistant Coach Joanne Wankling

U14 Girls Team Roster
Daneeta Aulakh #8
Hashanah Cabug-os #5
Brail Campioni #2
Robin Eckford #4
Avery Fenton #16
Alexi Howe #15
Kaylee Iverson #7
Ava Jacobsen #12
Sophia Lilienweiss #11
Ayra Lundy #14
Rene Moscrip #6
Claire Nicholas #10
Boroka Peter #9
Gurneet Sahota #25
Jaden Sull #3
Katelyn Winchester #18
Head Coach Jim Nicholas
Assistant Coach Barb Mark